NAPOLCOM 5 Confers with DWHS Principal and SCPC Adviser

LEGAZPI CITY — On September 14, 2015, Dir. Rodolfo Santos, Jr. Mr. Ricardo Fontanilla, Ms. Cathyrine Lazo, and Atty. Adrian Miras paid a visit to the Divine Word High School (DWHS) in Legazpi City to discuss with Ms. Amalia Rito, MAEd, school principal, and Mr. John Elliot Moyo, Student Crime Prevention Committee (SCPC) adviser, the output of the DWHS SCPC during the Seminar-Workshop on Crime and Drug Abuse Prevention as well as on the Student Crime Prevention Committee held on September 4, 2015 at the Ibalong Conference Room, Legazpi City Hall.

Three of the common concerns identified by the students constituting the DWHS SCPC during the seminar-workshop were bullying (including cyber-bullying), smoking, and misconduct, which includes violation by students of school rules and regulations. In their written output, the DWHS SCPC prepared a work program, which contained suggested activities or projects, to address the aforementioned concerns.

During the discussion, the school principal and the SCPC adviser also provided additional information on other concerns that may need to be addressed aside from those three concerns that the students themselves identified.

The group had a fruitful discussion with the school principal and the SCPC adviser, who were told that the NAPOLCOM 5 will continue to monitor the programs of the DWHS SCPC as well as assist the latter in the implementation of the programs.

Similar conference or discussion will be done in the succeeding days in the schools with SCPCs that took part in the seminar-workshop on September 4, 2015 and in subsequent similar seminar-workshops.

Student Crime Prevention Committees are the government law enforcement agencies’ partners in the prevention of crimes in school campuses and in peace-building.


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