A. PNP Gallantry Award

a.  PO3 Joseph Tupue

b. PO2 Eva Torcelino

B. Model PNP Families

a. Family of SPO4 Liza Jane Alteza-Regional Winner

b. Family of SPO1 Joseph Teope-2nd Placer

c. Family of SPO1 Irenn Seletaria- 1st Placer

C. PNP Promotional Exam Topnotchers

a. SPO1 Rudy Divinagracia

b. PO3 Jeneff Vibar

c. SPO2 Jonathan Hapa

d. PO1 Cristina Cabauatan

e. PO1 Dan Anthony Vargas

D. On-The-Spot Essay Writing Contest

       a. Secondary Level

Desiree Mae Diaz-1st Prize

Aoshi Seth De Leon- 2nd Prize

Chein Krystie Asaytuno-3rd Prize

   b. Tertiary Level-English Category

Princess Jean Orfano- 1st Prize

Alonal Lolo-2nd Prize

Jessa Leosala- 3rd Prize

   c. Tertiary Level-Filipino Category

Bryan Amoranto-1st Prize

Joshua Anthony Triñanes-2nd Prize

Glyman Narito-3rd Prize




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