NAPOLCOM approves creation of PNP Regional Communications and Electronics Units nationwide

         The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) recently approved the restructuring of the PNP Communications and Electronics Service (PNP CES) with the creation of Regional Communications and Electronics Units (RCEUs) in the 17 Police Regional Offices nationwide.

          Rapid Deployment Communications Teams (RDCTs) under the RCEUs will also be created with the primary task of providing technical support and services relative to communications technology in case of disaster and other emergency situations. The RDCTs will also act as first responders and conduct periodic repair and maintenance of communications and electronics equipment and facilities installed in all police offices/stations to ensure operability and reliability.

         This was announced by NAPOLCOM Vice-Chairman and Executive Officer Atty. Rogelio T. Casurao following the issuance of Resolution No. 2019-631, dated September 4, 2019, which approved the strengthening of the PNP CES to match the demand brought about by the rapid change in information technology and communications.

          The PNP CES will be responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of communication system to support PNP-wide activities, including control, communication security and service support. It will also provide direct support to all operations of the PNP; provide fixed communication facilities for the major offices of the PNP, including the Police Regional Offices; and provide technical supervision over the communications and electronics facilities of the PNP and other separate units nationwide.

         “With digitalization integrated in our everyday activities, the PNP must attune its personnel and policies to the needs of the citizens.  The restructured PNP CES will support the PNP’s Digital Transformation Programs also known as Secured, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence-Driven, Real-Time, Technology (SMART) Policing,” Atty. Casurao said.

          Vice-Chairman Casurao added that the approval of the restructuring and strengthening of the PNP CES will further enhance the capability and efficiency of the PNP CES in order to cope with the changing needs of the police service in command and control, particularly in communications and coordination among the different police offices, stations and units nationwide.

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