NAPOLCOM R5 holds 2019 Year-end Assessment cum Christmas Party 2019

The National Police Commission Regional Office V, under the leadership of Dir. Josephmar B. Gil, MPSA, CESO  IV, held its annual Year-end Assessment cum Christmas Party on December 20, 2019.

            In the Morning of December 20, the personnel of the NAPOLCOM RO5 convened in the agency’s Regional Office in Rawis, Legazpi City for the 2019 Year-end Assessment. It featured the Office’s Accomplishments in the Administrative, Technical, and Personnel Services for the Calendar Year 2019.

            Dr. Gianelli Q. Besana, Chief of the Administrative Division, discussed matters on Operational Accomplishemnts of the Office including Crime Prevention and Coordination Program, General Administration and Support, Trainings, Meetings and Conferences, Supplies and Property Management, Financial Management, Maintenance, and other activities. Based on the data presented by the Administrative Division, the targets set for the year were met and exceeded.

            Atty. Louie E. Toldanes, Chief of the Technical Services Division discussed Targets and Accomplishments under the Police Supervision
Sub-Program, Police Disciplinary Sub-Program, Police Welfare and Benefits Administration Sub-Program, and Gender Development Activities.

         It was shown by the data presented by the TSD Chief that targets were met and exceeded for all three sub-programs. Atty. Toldanes also highlighted activities which the Regional Office practiced during the year including GAD Programs, ISO Internal Quality Audit, Police Community Relations Month and National Crime Prevention Week Celebrations, Values Restoration Program, PNP Model Family Awarding, Meetings, and Community Affairs.

         The NAPEMA representative, and Chief HR, Amy Zaragoza discussed timely and relevant matters concerning the welfare and benefits of the NAPOLCOM Personnel.

         The Year-end Assessment was concluded by the Regional Director by his Special Message.

           In the evening of Dec. 20, the NAPOLCOM RO5 Personnel held their Christmas Party at Tanchuling Hotel, Legazpi City. They performed special dance numbers and prizes were given away to the lucky raffle winners.

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